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Lina is one of Joey's classmates and is a cheerleader at Center City Middle School. She is from a wealthy family

Lina Davis

First Appearance


Voiced by:

Mayu Obata




William Davis, Unnamed mother, Unnamed father

who fears that because Joey is poor and uncultured, that he is a bad influence on her, but she likes him anyway. She's the little sister of Will, and despite the obvious disdain, hostility and bullying shown by Will towards Joey, she's overtly protective of both of them. Joey and Lina is later revealed to be childhood friends. She also have some kind of crush on Joey


Rescued by Heroman

Lina's dad had picked her up from some club or something and on the way back there was a car crash. Lina's

Lina in her father's car in episode 1.

dad didn't notice this and crashed into it.

Personality Edit

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She is very out going and is the cheerleader of the school. She also cares about Joey and will help him out when needed.

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