Vera Collins

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Voiced by:

Naomi Shindō



Vera is Joey's mathematics and homeroom teacher. She inadvertently discovers Heroman when she is trying to keep Denton, Joey, and Psy out of trouble. She keeps the secret of Joey's involvement with Heroman, until it is outed on TV.


Vera carries herself as a responsible adult and has the type of relationship expected between herself and her students. She has shown on occasion however, to be somewhat as childish and/or immature Joey and her friends, such as when she joined the Professor, Psy and Holly in spying on Lina's and Joey's date


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Collins teaching

Vera has been a teacher at Central High for an unknown amount of time, presumably less than that of Denton. She has is a mathematics teacher and has been Joey's homeroom teacher for an unknown amount of time


At the start of the series Vera's life was the same as usual, teaching class and scolding students. When the Skrugg invasion started, she and the rest of the town evacuated into the emergency shelter before later being leaving the town alltogether to avoid the sphere. During the chaos she did not take significant note of Denton's, Joey's and Psy' absence or that of Lina.

After the defeat of the Skrugg, she returned home and eventually to work as the city rebuilt in the aftermath of the alien invasion. Other than an esaped with Denton, Holly and Psy as they spied on Joey and Lina's date, nothing of significance happened to her.

Later she ran into Heroman and Joey on school grounds after their battle with Will and joined the select few that knew Joey's secret which she kept. She later went with Joey and the gang to a private island for a vacation after Joey's conflict with the military and the clearing of his and Heroman's names.


  • Vera's voice actor is the announcer for the series.
  • Vera is often theorized by fans to have feeling for Prf. Denton.