William "Will" Davis

First Appearance


Voiced by:

Makoto Yasumura

Will is Lina's older brother and an American football player at CCMS. He bullies Joey to keep him away from Lina and puts himself at risk in order to prove himself a better hero than him. In the anime, he is captured by the Skrugg and turned into one himself, with strength comparable to Heroman. However, thanks to the efforts of Joey and Lina, he breaks free from his brainwashing.


Heroman 675

Will bulling Joey

The first born of his family and older brother of Lina, William, or Will as he is known to most, sees himself as his sister's guardian. He was the school star football player and part of the popular crowd. He doesn't like the fact that his sister hangs around with Joey, disregarding the fact that it is her choice and bullying Joey. His dislike for Joey stems from the fact that he believe someone like him, poor, is automatically a influence for his sister.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

First MutationEdit

  • Superhuman Strength: Upon his mutation Will proved to be strong enough to go head-on with Heroman in a fight.
  • Armor: Will's Skrugg armor could easily, withstand any conventional human weapon and he could even withstand blows from Heroman who could kill normal Skruggs in one hit.
  • Endurance: Will received wounds that would've been fatal to normal person but survived and even recovered.
  • Antennae: Will could use his antennae which appeared as his eyebrows, they were strong and elestric and could be used as powerful whips

Second MutationEdit

  • Claws: Will's hands became claws that could conduct energy resembling electricity, they were poweful enough to injure Heroman and destroy Skrugg technology.
  • Armor: Will's armor had mutated into a full body Chetin suit.
  • Agility: Will Agility also increased, allowing him to move at incredible speeds and make impossible heights that normal person could not survive.
  • Sense: Will could sense Skrugg technology from vast distances.


  • Will starts out as something as a villain, returns as an anti-hero and at the end of the series is an ally.
  • From a flashback it appears Psy injured his leg because of Will, a fact that haunts Will, implying it was an accident. Regardless Will holds great guilt over this.